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Interface Design

Our design team will create a beautiful human-centric interface that unlocks incredible AI functionality seamlessly.

Model Selection

We’ll identify the best models for your needs, making informed decisions on whether to use existing general models or to develop new ones.

Prompt Engineering

We’re experts in prompt design and engineering and will craft prompts that generate whatever the desired outputs are.

Fine Tuning

We train and tune models so they can be adapted to a new domain or custom use-case, unlocking incredible product features.

Configuring API Usage

We navigate the intricacies of working with AI models, ensuring that frequent changes with models don’t disrupt your products.

Data Protection

We ensure that personal and sensitive information is handled securely and that privacy rights are respected.

Strategy + Roadmap

Farpoint is a place where teams of passionate AI consulting experts, designers, engineers and business strategists are dedicated to helping organizations transform through the power of artificial intelligence.

Our AI Transformation Design process, typically running for 6-8 weeks, starts with our AI Alignment session, clarifying AI's capabilities in the context of your organization.
This is followed by an Impact Assessment, a detailed study of your business, involving interactions with stakeholders across all tiers and functions. We analyze your organization's data readiness, your technology architecture and guide you through execution of developing an AI workforce.

The result is a succinct AI Transformation Design Document, outlining the strategic AI roadmap, timeline, and projected ROI for your business, turning AI potential into strategic action. We're focused on creating the world's best user experience for working with data, one that empowers people to ask and answer complex questions. We make products for human-driven analysis of real-world data.
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Comprehensive Execution

We help bring your AI initiatives to life with our end-to-end project implementation services. Our expertise spans across various industries and AI domains, enabling us to provide tailored solutions that cater to your unique needs. Farpoint also provides dedicated training so you can be sure your teams are well versed in AI-assisted workflows.

Our experienced team will collaborate with you at every stage, from ideation to deployment, ensuring your AI projects are executed seamlessly and deliver the desired outcomes. With our expertise in various AI domains and industry-specific solutions, you can trust us to navigate complex challenges and deliver remarkable results.


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AI Success Guidance

With today's customer, security, and regulatory demands, AI deployment is becoming more complex. Farpoint brings years of strategic insights and advanced deployment experience into a dedicated advisory service that maximizes your return on investment.

Our team of experts will provide you with insights and guidance to refine your AI initiatives, optimize performance, and ensure continuous improvement. From addressing challenges to exploring new opportunities, our advisory service will empower your organization to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving AI landscape.

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