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what we do

We help our clients achieve their goals with custom AI solutions

AI Transformation Design

Uncover opportunities, address threats, and illuminate the path forward with an AI Strategy and Roadmap.

Project Implementation

Augment your workforce in days with AI-powered solutions. We provide training and up-skilling across the organization.

Advisory Services

Optimize performance and maximize return on investment with ongoing support and guidance to refine your AI initiatives.

We leverage the power of AI to augment people and redefine organizations to enter the future of work.


Elevate your business with an AI-assisted workforce, from customer interactions to top-level decisions

We are in an era of unprecedented disruption. Farpoint recognizes our customers' existential need to utilize AI for trusted and secure workflow automation and augmentation.

Organizations cannot settle for incremental efficiencies. Bring intelligence to the core of everything that matters most to your enterprise.
Farpoint is an AI consulting firm that strategizes, consults, builds and deploys category-leading AI solutions –empowering organizations to reinvent themselves from the ground up.



Powering data-driven decisions to improve client outcomes.
From processing customer inquiries to automating the qualification and sales process, AI has numerous applications within the real estate sector.

Property Valuation
Personalized Marketing
Automated Contract Generation
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Meet the demands of tomorrow’s customers, regulators and markets.
Artificial Intelligence can analyze historical and real-time data to generate more accurate financial forecasts and projections, helping businesses and investors make better decisions.

Fraud Detection
Improved Customer Experience
Personalized Financial Planning


Solving for complex supply chains and evolving consumer demand.
AI revolutionizes manufacturing by streamlining processes, improving quality control, and optimizing supply chain efficiency, leading to cost savings and increased agility.

Reduced Lead Times
Better Decision Making
Enhanced Safety


A collaborative, secure foundation for case management.
AI-powered tools can help minimize human errors in tasks such as contract review, due diligence, and legal research, ensuring more accurate results and reducing the risk of costly mistakes.

Enhanced Legal Research
Risk Management
Predictive Analytics
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Maximize your data investments. Pioneer the future of retail.
AI offers numerous advantages in retail and supply chain management, transforming the way businesses operate, optimize resources, and interact with customers.

Demand Forecasting
Dynamic Pricing
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why us?

We're obsessed with performance

We are customer-obsessed operators from organizations focused on value creation.

day 1 value
From executive and organizational alignment to implementation and deployment, we deliver value in days, not years.
Farpoint meets you where you are, automatically connecting with and enhancing your existing data systems.
performance driven
With a relentless focus on driving value for our clients, we're not satisfied until we deliver real-world outcomes.