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Creating solutions that transform people and organizations

$250M+ Additional Revenue Unlocked

We start by preparing an AI Strategy + Roadmap to help uncover opportunities, address threats, and illuminate the path forward.

62% Average Productivity Gain

AI-powered solutions that augment your workforce in days, not years. We provide training and up-skilling across the organization.

30+ Industry Specific Solutions

We help leaders and businesses unlock value in stages with a holistic plan as well as provide expert guidance on your challenges.

What you need

You must grow your business faster and smarter than ever before. Whether you're tasked with unlocking the power of technology or stimulating new growth, we can help.

Our team

When you hire Farpoint you get access to our most senior and experienced people. They'll actually work on your business, not just oversee it.

Your community

When you work with us, you join a network of like-minded companies committed to creativity, innovation and growth.

Diversity, equity and inclusion are core

We are committed to fully adopting an equity mindset in every part of our organization, and we own that opportunity together as a community.
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