Real Estate Transformation

Workflow Augmentation

Processes in each business function can transform in ways that are difficult to imagine. Farpoint helped outline each business function of a typical Real Estate Development company and explored the opportunities ahead.
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The team found at least 6 months of time ROI and unlocked an additional $11M of revenue across each project.

Workflow Augmentation


A leading Real Estate Developer wanted to better understand the value that recent advances in AI presented. Like any dominant player, the client had numerous departments and functions that could all benefit from implementing an AI component, the question immediately came down to where do we start?

Large Language Models (LLMs)

Language Model AIs like ChatGPT has revolutionized what AI can do for the ordinary person. Armed with crystal balls, people are empowered to access any knowledge with less friction than ever and exercise creativity with astounding speed.

The way we work and learn has fundamentally changed. As people multiply their capacity, spinning up as many "agents" to work for them, the importance of certain skills grows while the importance of others diminish.


Farpoint worked closely with the client to validate our findings and overlay new values AI helped unlock.

Faster Delivery, Higher Accuracy, Increased Scale

Our Impact Assessment found by deploying AI across all aspects of the business, the developer was able to save over 6 months of work and unlock an additional $11M of revenue across each project.

We explored numerous opportunities across Development, Finance and Accounting, Sales and Marketing, Property Management, Legal, People and Culture and Business Technology.

Embracing AI transformation, the Real Estate Developer is looking forward to harnessing cutting-edge technology to redefine their business operations and unlock unparalleled value. Our collaboration led to a strategy and roadmap that will increase efficiency, accelerate growth, and significant revenue generation. By integrating AI across their organization, they will set a new industry benchmark; demonstrating a commitment to innovation that will continue to drive success in the rapidly evolving real estate landscape. With a solid foundation in AI, the developer is now poised to lead the charge into the future, creating a lasting impact and a competitive edge that will propel their business forward.

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