AI Deployment Strategist

Vancouver, BC

A World-Changing Company

Farpoint is the leading AI consulting firm – building and deploying AI workflows against operational bottlenecks for our enterprise clients across all traditional sectors. By curating the right AI workflow and layering prompt engineering, we empower our partners with an AI-assisted workforce to unlock potential across real estate, finance, legal, manufacturing, and more.

What We're About

At its core, the AI Deployment Strategist role centres around identifying problems, uncovering opportunities, and building AI workflows against real-world challenges. Our customers come to us with a hunch of how to integrate AI into their business; Deployment Strategists are responsible for turning that hunch into reality and helping navigate the future of work.

What We Do

As a Deployment Strategist, you'll work as part of a driven and creative team of Engineers, Product Designers, and other Deployment Strategists to deploy AI against the most exciting problems our world faces. Your objective is to synthesize disconnected streams of thought into an understanding of what the most important problem is, what the outputs are, what the company needs, what users are motivated by, and where the impact could be.

You'll immerse yourself in our customers' most intricate workflows. You'll partner with customer teams and explore the data, and plunge into the product landscape to enable them to scale. A select number of Deployments Strategists may also be deployed to Farpoint's internal teams and problems. In this role, the problems you'll seek will require a curious and analytical approach, a sharp intuition for product, and a strong degree of user insight to ultimately empower our customers to improve decisions.

No two days are the same, but you can expect to:

  • Go on-site and meet with customers to understand the critical questions they need to answer and locate their biggest problems
  • Identify relevant datasets and bottlenecks through deep engagement with customer problems and workflows
  • Work to integrate AI workflows into a stable and extensible pipeline
  • Work with the customer to build customized workflows for new user groups
  • Lead training sessions to ensure that the solution is meeting user needs and having concrete impact on their operations
  • Present the results of our work and proposals for future work to audiences ranging from analysts to C-suite executives
  • Embed with our Engineering and Design teams to incorporate what you saw in the field into cross-Farpoint product offerings
  • Build and deliver demos to new and existing customers
  • Scope out potential engagements in new industries and expanding locations around the world

What We Value

  • Team members who aren’t satisfied with surface-level answers and will dive into the details of the data
  • Low ego because the outcome matters more than who gets the credit
  • Extraordinary ability to confront open-ended problems in unstructured environments
  • Adaptive and introspective; willing to learn, guide, lead and follow

What We Require

  • Ability to travel 25 – 75% required. Varies by location and team
  • Experience with programming, scripting or statistical packages (e.g. Python, R, Matlab, SQL) is a plus


Total compensation for this position may also include Restricted Stock units, sign-on bonus and other potential future incentives. Further note that total compensation for this position will be determined by each individual’s relevant qualifications, work experience, skills, and other factors. This estimate excludes the value of any potential sign-on bonus; the value of any benefits offered; and the potential future value of any long-term incentives.

Life at Farpoint

Nothing about how we work is typical. Our commodity is creativity, collaboration and human-centred innovation.

We don't have discrete departments, rigid job titles, or corner offices. In fact, most corporate trappings simply don't work for the kind of work we do, and honestly, neither do the types of people who crave them. The success of our company depends on hiring people who are not only smart and talented, but who also have great emotional intelligence. We look for insatiable curiosity, irrepressible optimism, deep empathy, and those who play well with others. (Lone geniuses need not apply)

What We Look For

  1. End-to-end people. You're someone who can take take something abstract, create a strategy and execute the plan to completion. You don't talk, you build.
  2. They say "we" more than "I" when recounting accomplishments. If they’re generous with giving others credit, we know they’re team players and will accept feedback.
  3. They talk about failures, not just wins. If you’re trying to bring new ideas into the world, you’re going to fail…a lot. How you recover and learn from pratfalls is the true test. Or as we say: “Fail often to succeed sooner.”
  4. They've spent time teaching as well as learning. Having an advanced degree shows diligence and mastery. Teaching shows you’re committed to making others successful, too.
  5. They’re nice to the receptionist. When the interview is over, we check with whoever’s manning the front desk to see how the candidate acted upon arrival. Were they polite and friendly or did they treat the receptionist poorly? If it’s the latter, we know they only relate well to those in their perceived social group. Not very empathic or human-centered.

We believe in asking for forgiveness, not permission.This goes for the job application process, too. Turning in a standard-issue résumé and cover letter won’t turn heads. Candidates who have wowed us have taken creative license and gone the extra mile to demonstrate their capabilities and passion. They’ve made video portraits, designed custom apps or, in one case, brought in a dancing robot.

Hiring’s not an exact science—finding truly outsize talent never is—but these five qualities help us hone in on that most elusive quality: someone who feels like they belong at Farpoint.

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